The founder of Swiss Science Tutors

 Dr Miriam Arrell

Our founder and academic advisor, Dr. Miriam Arrell, is a British Scientist whose research career brought her to Switzerland in 2011. Throughout her MSci in Physics and PhD in Bioanalytical Chemistry from Imperial College London, Miriam’s second passion to research was promotion of science to young people. She was involved with outreach and teaching activities ranging from promoting physics to struggling inner city children, to providing maths homework help, to coaching the engineers of tomorrow. In Switzerland, Miriam continued to pursue her passion for tutoring maths and science, but she found that there was a barrier between scientists and students needing help.

Swiss Science Tutors was born to break down this barrier, by putting you in touch with science and maths tutors who will not only help you achieve your grades, but will inspire you for life.

Our operating principle

We treat teaching science like a science itself, get the facts and understanding right and your opportunities are almost without limit.  Below are our three pillars to success.

1. You have to be an expert

We are scientists, and we know science is hard!  The reason we succeeded is we were taught by experts.  At Swiss Science Tutors our thoroughly interviewed and vetted teachers our experts in their field.

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2. Often it’s just about confidence

Science and maths are the skills you need to answer questions about the world around you.  But first you need to know its OK to ask!  Often students in need of a bit more support in maths or science just need a little more confidence in the subject to excel.  This is what we seek to provide.

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3. We all need goals

Tutoring is a big commitment which has to be planned.  For this reasons we will only enter into a tutoring session with a clear set of goals and agreed paths to reach them.  Our tutors are busy motivated scientist who live by achieving their goals.

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