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Why Swiss Science Tutors

At Swiss Science Tutors we understand maths is hard and when it comes to IB maths a solid grounding is everything.  That’s why all our IB maths tutors are experts, often from the top international universities.  To get to where they are, our tutors have already shown they can master IB maths.

Meet our expert tutors

Our tutors are recruited from top universities, such as ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne and the University of Geneva, and are subject experts, so they can transmit their knowledge and passion to you.

NimatIB Chemistry Tutor, Geneva region
Nimat is a medical student at the University of Geneva. She is a graduate of the IB programme, scoring an outstanding grade of 41 points, including 7s in higher level Biology and Chemistry, and 6 in higher level maths, and knows the programme inside out. She has tutored 20 students (18 were in the IB), and has 6 years experience volunteering in educational programmes with children of all ages. She’s a past organiser of exam preparation sessions for year 13 HL Chemistry students. In her lessons, she goes over course work from the textbook and past IB questions papers and offers students useful study tips and mneumonic devices
GeorgeIB Maths and Physics Tutor, Geneva
Maths, Physics and Computer Science Olympian (top 1%) passionate about helping students achieve best results!

George is a PhD graduate of EPFL, specialised in business informatics. Previously, he graduated from his Bachelors and Masters studies among the top 1% being awarded numerous merit scholarships. George holds a Masters in IT from École Polytechnique in France and another in international business from Aarhus School of Business in Denmark. With over 12 years of tutoring experience, George prepared 200+ students accepted to top European and U.S. universities. At EPFL, he taught to more than 1’000 Bachelor and Master students. Being fluent in English, French and German, he is pleased to conduct lessons in either language.

LeonardoIB Maths and Physics tutor, Zürich region
Leonardo is currently a doctoral student at ETH Zürich in the Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology. He holds a first class Natural Sciences (Physics) MSc from the University of Cambridge. He is also an experienced tutor, having tutored numerous IB and A Level students in Maths and Chemistry, and helped students prepare for Oxford and Cambridge admission interviews. He also organises an international 10-day science workshop for highly motivated high school students in Croatia.
Experts in maths
Provides confidence in maths
With us you will reach your goals

Your maths tutor was terrific and had a very pedagogical way of teaching which is extremely useful when it comes to maths.

IB maths student parent, Geneva

 My daughters really appreciated her teaching skills and the way she was constantly boosting their confidence.

Parent, Coppet

Our Proven Method Produces Results


We work together with you to select one of our tutors and design a tutoring program that suits your requirements.

2. Customise

Flexibility is crucial! We are always open minded and happy to help, and aim to tailor the tutoring programme to meet your changing needs.

3. Results

Our tutors help their students to build strong foundations and confidence in the subject which will last beyond exams.

Our operating principle

We treat teaching science like a science itself, get the facts and understanding right and your opportunities are almost without limit.  Below are our three pillars to success.

1. You have to be an expert

We are scientists, and we know science is hard!  The reason we succeeded is we were taught by experts.  At Swiss Science Tutors our thoroughly interviewed and vetted teachers our experts in their field.

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2. Often it’s just about confidence

Science and maths are the skills you need to answer questions about the world around you.  But first you need to know its OK to ask!  Often students in need of a bit more support in maths or science just need a little more confidence in the subject to excel.  This is what we seek to provide.

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3. We all need goals

Tutoring is a big commitment which has to be planned.  For this reasons we will only enter into a tutoring session with a clear set of goals and agreed paths to reach them.  Our tutors are busy motivated scientist who live by achieving their goals.

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