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We would be delighted to supply one of our expert maths tutors for your maths tuition needs.  Our expert teachers cover all levels and all school systems.  For more information please complete our form below

We offer support for A Level Maths and Further Maths, including all pure, statistics and mechanics modules

Need support with your Geometry or Trigonometry to ace your Matu? We have tutors who have graduated from the Swiss system and can help you to succeed.

Our tutors can provide support for the Maths element of the Bac, whether you are following the Bac L, Bac ES or Bac S tracks.

We have tutors to help, whether you need support in the molecular dynamics module of your Physics MSc or your Calculus for Business element of your BBA.

Our tutors can provide learning support and homework help, to build confidence and revisit areas where your child may have missed out, whether in fractions, trigonometry, Pythagoras or statistics.

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Experts in maths
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Expert tutors available in the Geneva and Zurich regions

Your maths tutor was terrific and had a very pedagogical way of teaching which is extremely useful when it comes to maths.

IB maths student parent, Geneva

 My daughters really appreciated her teaching skills and the way she was constantly boosting their confidence.

Parent, Coppet

My son has found extremely useful and beneficial the lessons with George. He is extremely competent and passionate about the tutoring. He has the capacity to transfer knowledge to the students which is the hardest part in the teacher’s activity.

Parent of IB maths student, Geneva
Your tutor is excellent!!! My son enjoyed the lessons with him and has finally discovered another aspect of Maths.
IB Maths standard level, Geneva

Our operating principle

We treat teaching science like a science itself, get the facts and understanding right and your opportunities are almost without limit.  Below are our three pillars to success.

1. You have to be an expert

We are scientists, and we know science is hard!  The reason we succeeded is we were taught by experts.  At Swiss Science Tutors our thoroughly interviewed and vetted teachers our experts in their field.

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2. Often it’s just about confidence

Science and maths are the skills you need to answer questions about the world around you.  But first you need to know its OK to ask!  Often students in need of a bit more support in maths or science just need a little more confidence in the subject to excel.  This is what we seek to provide.

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3. We all need goals

Tutoring is a big commitment which has to be planned.  For this reasons we will only enter into a tutoring session with a clear set of goals and agreed paths to reach them.  Our tutors are busy motivated scientist who live by achieving their goals.

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