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Our International Baccalaureate expert tutors have the highest level subject knowledge essential to teach IB standard level and higher level Maths and Science, and know the ins and outs of the diploma programme (DP), to help you achieve the highest grades.

We also offer experts in IGCSEs, and provide assistance in transitioning to the IB DP.

1. Exam Preparation

Get the results you need this May.  Our experienced tutors will expertly support you to improve your IB exam performance this May.  From going through previous exam questions, to preparing your revision strategy, no other tutors will help you face the exams with more confidence than Swiss Science Tutors.

2. Internal Assessments (IAs)

The IA or Exploration in Maths is an individual, in-depth investigation of one area of mathematics that is internally assessed by the teachers. Our tutors can help you choose a topic, structure the exploration and find the correct mathematical approach.

3. Extended Essays (EEs)

Our tutors’ skills in research and scientific writing can help you to find a topic that inspires you, develop a research question and follow a scientific methodology.

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Need help with both Physics and Maths? Ask for a joint Maths and Physics specialist.

Computer Science

Computer Science SL & HL

Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL & HL

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At Swiss Science Tutors, we are committed to helping you improve your grades and achieve your objectives. Our IB Maths Questionbank app was developed to help you revise and test your knowledge on subjects including probability, geometry, calculus and algebra. Download it here and compare your scores with those of your friends!

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Meet our expert tutors

Our tutors are recruited from top universities, such as ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne and the University of Geneva, and are subject experts, so they can transmit their knowledge and passion to you.

NimatIB Chemistry Tutor, Geneva region
Nimat is a medical student at the University of Geneva. She is a graduate of the IB programme, scoring an outstanding grade of 41 points, including 7s in higher level Biology and Chemistry, and 6 in higher level maths, and knows the programme inside out. She has tutored 20 students (18 were in the IB), and has 6 years experience volunteering in educational programmes with children of all ages. She’s a past organiser of exam preparation sessions for year 13 HL Chemistry students. In her lessons, she goes over course work from the textbook and past IB questions papers and offers students useful study tips and mneumonic devices
GeorgeIB Maths and Physics Tutor, Geneva
Maths, Physics and Computer Science Olympian (top 1%) passionate about helping students achieve best results!

George is a PhD graduate of EPFL, specialised in business informatics. Previously, he graduated from his Bachelors and Masters studies among the top 1% being awarded numerous merit scholarships. George holds a Masters in IT from École Polytechnique in France and another in international business from Aarhus School of Business in Denmark. With over 12 years of tutoring experience, George prepared 200+ students accepted to top European and U.S. universities. At EPFL, he taught to more than 1’000 Bachelor and Master students. Being fluent in English, French and German, he is pleased to conduct lessons in either language.

LeonardoIB Maths and Physics tutor, Zürich region
Leonardo is currently a doctoral student at ETH Zürich in the Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology. He holds a first class Natural Sciences (Physics) MSc from the University of Cambridge. He is also an experienced tutor, having tutored numerous IB and A Level students in Maths and Chemistry, and helped students prepare for Oxford and Cambridge admission interviews. He also organises an international 10-day science workshop for highly motivated high school students in Croatia.