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Experienced science and maths tutors for IB, A-level, IGCSE and GCSE level in Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, Zurich and across Switzerland.

Our science and maths tutors are professional scientists and true experts in their field who are committed educators. With our network of PhD level maths and science tutors from world class science universities (EPFL, ETHZ), we deliver the highest level of science and maths teaching together with a passion to inspire and mentor.

We provide chemistry, physics, biology and maths tutors throughout Switzerland for all levels and all school programmes including IB, A-level, French Bac, Swiss Matu, IGCSEs and GCSEs. We also give expert tuition at university level and to help with entrance to top UK/world universities and for UK common entrance exam.

English speaking tutors to aid international families

We provide tutors in English, French and German and work together with International Schools.

Together with our passion for science and education, we help achieve the best grades.

We know that in science and maths tutoring, building a firm foundation and self confidence are key to achieving the best possible grades. As career problem solvers, we are dedicated to determining the root cause of subject difficulties. We individually tailor the tutoring to each student’s goals and discover areas that need particular attention.